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Dream by Design.
Work by Choice.
Be Hired for Being Awesome! Be Hiresome!
Reveal the real hero (and that's YOU!)
For long it’s been a struggle to stand out in the lakhs, sizing yourself in lifeless words on a pretentious piece of paper (read CV).
No more gyan on paper!
Say what needs to be said, show them your true personality -your live, real self!

Hiresome! for candidates

Hiresome! is the most empowering platform that allows candidates to record short video resumes for employers expressing who they really are and why they stand out from the rest. It also facilitates live interviews with employers.

Hiresome! for employers

Hiresome! enables employers meet the ‘real candidate’ beyond their CVs through their selfie video resumes and interview them through the platform video conference. Thus, making hiring easy and fun!

3 steps to become Hiresome!

Apply with VideoCV

Apply for jobs by self recording VideoCV (2-4 min) to introduce yourself. Upload your text resume too (if you want to)


Employers VideoCall You

Schedule time with employers for a video interview on the Hiresome! platform. Zero travelling.


You're Hiresome!

Find your dream job and don’t worry it’s all confidential and one-on-one. So express freely and boldly without being embarrassed!

Time to Tear-apart Text Resumes
Video resumes help employers dynamically evaluate candidates for their real personality (besides academics!)
Schedule video interviews on the Hiresome! platform from the comforts of your office or your home (or on the go) whenever you want!
The employer wins, the deserving candidate wins - in style!
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